A Practical Guide for Fiduciaries

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recResponsible Endowments Coalition (REC) is the leading voice for responsible investment in higher education in the United States. REC educates and empowers students and campus communities on over one hundred campuses nationwide to encourage their institutions to incorporate environmental and social issues into investment practices. REC also trains the next generation of leaders on the importance of understanding money in creating change.

Responsible Endowments Coalition
33 Flatbush Avenue, Fifth Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 989-3949
Contact: Marcie Smith
seiuThe SEIU Capital Stewardship Program was created to facilitate a more active partnership between SEIU and the trustees, administrators, advisors and investment managers of our members’ pension savings in the pursuit of benefit improvements and of prudent, responsible, and financially sound investment policies. We help elect and appoint effective trustees, educate and provide technical support to union trustees, and promote responsible investment and proxy voting policies.

SEIU Capital Stewardship
1800 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington DC, 20036
(202) 730-7000
Contact: Marguerite Young
(510) 343-8561
croatanCroatan Institute is an independent, non-profit institute for advanced social and environmental research and engagement. The Institute’s activities address some of the most complex sustainability challenges of our time, often in close partnership with practitioners in the field and movements for social and environmental change.

Croatan Institute
123 West Main Street, Suite 230
Durham, North Carolina 27701
(919) 794-7440
Contact: Christi Electris